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"It’s rare to use the word vibrant for black metal, but the blissful tones of ‘Varkoor’ evoke no other feelings." -- Guido, Stranger Aeons

"for all the right reasons [Botanist] is considered one of the most prominent acts in modern black metal." -- ZR, Destroy // Exist


"Botanist’s music is in large part an expression of Nature as divinity. I believe that because humans are limited beings in terms of our ability to know and understand, and in particular to conceive of the concept of 'god,' we can never know the true nature of what the divine is. But I believe there is unquestionably something that causes what is to be — that ties everything together. While we can’t comprehend the nature of that entity, that force, what we can see is the most readily witnessable manifestations of it: the Natural world. Botanist believes that 'god' is in the trees, and rocks, and animals, and in the unfathomably complex systems that allow all of these manifestations to work together perfectly. That is how limited beings can truly witness god. Destroying or disrespecting that is blasphemy, and will ever contribute to the eradication of the human race." -- Otrebor, in an interview with Marcus Goulart of Metal Maniac.


Some reviews for the Botanist / Oskoreien split

"[Otrebor] is a fantastic composer, which is why this project holds your attention beyond the initial 'gimmick' of using unexpected instrumentation." -- Justin Collins, No Clean Singing

"Every release is wildly captivating and these split contributions are no different." -- Cody Davis, Metal Injection

"The tone is set by wonderful melodies creating an atmosphere that is vibrant, colorful and full of life much like the plants he screams about." -- Is Wario a libertarian?, Sputnik Music


Posted interview on Brown Noise Unit from February 27, 2015to press section.


Announcing release of "EP3: Green Metal," a 21-minute recording over five songs. It will be paired with Oskoreien's "Deterministic Chaos," which will be a two-song, 18-minute recording, and will occupy the opposite side of the LP. The album will also be released on CD. Projected release date is some time in late Summer / early Fall 2016.

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