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"The vocal melodies are enrapturing" -- Brian Krasman, Meat Mead Metal, on Collective: The Shape of He to Come


Botanist completes 21-date solo European tour.


Collective: Setlist 2017, comprising re-recorded songs by Botanist live lineup 2.0, released on cassette by Favonian.


"Otrebor, le Vindsval américain? Bonne chance pour le copier, celui-ci. The Shape of He to Come est beau comme un rêve, un rêve vécu à travers les yeux empoisonnés de son rêveur" --  Ikea, Thashocore 


"the music [bathes] in a semi-religious aura." -- Sam, Grimm Gent


"Botanist has always thrived by providing that dissonant yet sweeping quality, and here those feelings are amplified by the use of a more fleshed out approach." -- Kyle McGinn, Dead Rhetoric

"It is like the musical equivalent of feeling nature's tender embrace coil around you, only to discover the acute thorns sheathed within the penduncle grasp. In that sense, this record is similar to nature itself, as they both are capable of being beautiful and abhorrent." -- Porky, Sputnik Music


"There’s a borderline religious level of reverence accompanying the grandiose, cascading note progressions, and for much of the album, the effect is completely captivating." -- Eldritch Elitist, Angry Metal Guy, on Collective: The Shape of He to Come

"My advice? Strap on your hiking boots. Allow yourself to be led on this particular journey. Pack out what you pack in." -- Rick Jackson, Transcending Obscurity

"Combined with brutal blast beats and intense, dramatic riffs and leads that would work well on a Deafheaven disc, the ghostly, evocative and choir-like vocals, as well as the insane, choppy screams all seem like one big puzzle." -- Stephan Rajchl, Metal1 (translated from German)


Collective: The Shape of He to Come is released by Avantgarde Music (CD) and Favonian (LP)


Otrebor abandons the Mandrake Legion project due to lack of financial sense.


"The Shape of He to Come sounds holy, the musical equivalent of a religious experience" -- Richter, Toilet ov Hell


"le tout se situant dans un maelstrom incroyable de sonorités plus alambiquées les unes que les autres. Et on ne parlera même pas de la médiocrité incroyable des chants clairs" -- Maxime, Heidnir Webzine


"to call the work of the instruments any less than cinematic would be a crime. "  -- Vinterd, Head-Banger Reviews


"Black metal about orchids? Yeah, I'm there." -- Third Eye Cinema, February 1, 2017

Marieke van Harselaar writes a review of the Botanist / Oskoreien split in Dutch over at Ragherrie.


The never-before-published demo song "Forced March" from proto-Botanist project Cestus published in "Inside 'Helleborus Niger' (part 2)."


Otrebor recommends a couple late-'90s demos from an obscure Finnish melodic death/power/goth metal band on the Mandrake Legion.


"Inside 'Helleborus Niger' (part 1)" looks at the myths and botanical aspects that inspired the song from Botanist "I: The Suicide Tree."


Otrebor recommends a Bohren album for the week of February 13 on the Mandrake Legion.


"Inside 'Dracocephalum'" is the first "behind the scenes" look into Botanist's music posted to the Mandrake Legion.


Botanist launches the Mandrake Legion, a subscription-based crowd funding group on Patreon to provide members with exclusive recordings and content. The proceeds from the page will help fund Botanist's continued live plans and rehearsal space. First weekly album recommendation posted on February 6, 2017.


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