1. Dracocephalum

The beast rises

Up from the foliage dense
Reptilian flora
As if to fire spew

Amidst the serrated limbs of green
Bracts purple striate

Adaxially glabrous
Smooth plantae scales
Rules its kingdom verdurous

2. Invoke the Throne of Veltheimia

By dark botanical magic summon
A seat of winter cold
Hibernal incantation
Invoke Veltheimia’s throne

Undulating leaves below majestic umbel
Amass in frigid months
Under eternal snowfall
And icy blasts of wind
There shall I reign

Organic cathedra mighty
Formed by tubular raceme dense
Converge in chaos tangles

Seated there in solitary, sylvan authority
The world from afar I watch
From my post of entropy
Thronged by floral alliance
I await the fall of time
And the Armageddon of mankind

3. Helleborus Niger

From ancient Antikyra
Risen from maiden tears
Upon highest icycled peaks it grows

Flowered five-pointed star
Dark pedated leather
Wintery frost it weathers
Helleborus Niger

Upon wooden slats
In times immemorial
Hellebore strewn
Evil, begone

Adepts of darkness
Its black powder
In the air they cast
Through the world of men they moved

Poisonous, burning wrath
Hematemesis, vomiting blood
As the world spins uncontrollable
Helleborus Niger

4. Whorl

Spinning verdant maelstrom
Spiraling centerfuge
Of sepal, leaf, and branch
Organic helix
Circling eternally

5. Forgotten in Nepenthes

Nepenthes pharmakon
Peristome portal
Gate to the abyss
Down, down to oblivion
To surfeit on nectar effacing
Nor grief, nor sorrow
Nor memory retained
Dissolution in the void ambrosia
Eternal death

6. Aldrovanda Ascendant

Waterwheeled whorl axes
A peduncle blizzard shielding
Cryptocotylar cotyledons

Lightning trigger the maw of death
Invertebrate yearning
Twisted outward flourished petioles
Inexorable growth

Amid the permafrost
Legion turions the fall of winter withstand
The legacy of Droseraceaea lives on

7. Chaining the Catechin

From camellia sinensis
Forthwith it flows
Polyphenolic antioxidant
Juventas immortal

Harnessing tannin
Tied in glass chains
Chaining the catechin
Theobroma dominate
Deific sustenance

8. Dionaea Muscipula

Rosette of seven
Petiole blade lethal
Strangled in cilia
Anthocyanin death

Arachnid quarry upon fibers walk
Redundant triggering flash of demise
Trichomes close upon hapless prey
Napthoquinone plumbagin
Enzymatic end catalyzed
Proteolytic doom

In fire it laughs
As the world around it burns
Through cold strength it gathers
To rise again supreme

9. Clematopsis

Villous striation
Sessile petiolate
Lobes in obscurity lie
Irregular dentate

Sepals open wide
Calyx almighty
Whorls converge in perianth
Crowned by corolla

10. Rhododendoom

Vast lepidote
Tree of myriad rose
And the demon Azalea
To gaze upon its lovely face
Crimson prize beckoning
Hiding death, belying doom

Labyrinthine indumentum
Deciduous limbo
Trapped within its maze of torment
Hallucinogen grave
Mirage ensnaring

Conqueror plant
Pernicious invasion
Unsated hunger
Devouring all beyond its needs

11. Gorechid

Orchidaceae swamped in gore
Bloodstained Asparagales
Dripping crimson nectar
From the mutilated corpses of the dead
Pooling amongst the mycorrhiza
Revelling in flesh
Carnal epiphyte
Aclorophyllous holoparasitical bloodlust
In slaughter triumph

12. Cerbera Odollam

Three-headed guardian flora
Of actinomorphic corolla
In swampy marsh it grows
Foreboding harbinger of death

From its nectar, suicide
Lit aflame, its evil spreads
As it burns, murder
Poisonous smoke fills the air
Beating heart stopped dead

Those whose fruits consume
Shall cross the marshy banks
Of the river Styx
Return passage denied
By floral guardian of heads three

13. Bromeliad

Seeded in air
Vertiginous foothold
Benevolent symbiosis
Of verdant alliance

Myriad iriflorence
Rosette foliage
Amidst spiked fortress
It grows

Epiphytic bromeliaceae
Tendrils of iron
Amongst ancient stone
And the moss of old
Lie in wait

14. Lepidoptera

Winged scourge of the botanist
Swarming eyes and scaled appendages
Descend like plague on the Verdant Realm

Ravaging denizens with vicious holes
Leaving branches barren
Petals in tatters
But pollen spread
Necessary evil
Strange ally

15. Euonymous in Darkness

In darkness, Euonymous burns
Deciduous prince
Of Celastrales lineage proud

Above, ravenous
Frugivorous raptors circle
Royal servants of propagation
Instruments of princely immortality
Their prize, valved pods of red
Beckoning amidst serrated thrones

To he who should venture within these realms, woe
Misanthrope, within princely flesh wrath
Contempt for all mankind
Sickness and plague upon those who would consume him
As winged beasts leer above

16. Dactylorhiza Elata

Tuberous geophyte
Lanceolate speckled leaves
Compact raceme
Great plantae club of war
Rising out of the waste of humanity
A sign of vengeance to come

17. Glycyrrhiza

Along streaming water winding
Rooted in earthy sand
Within meadowed plains
And forgotten battlefields
Perennial stems reign

Teutonic lineage
Petiolate leaflets
Bluntly alternate
Cylindrical calyx
Herbaceous branches
Crowned in violet hue regal
Astride peduncle axillary spikes

Beneath, fusiform rhizomes spread
From which black blood flows eternal
Glycyrrhizin acid, treacle demulcent balm
To quell fever, soothe wounds
Lost on the battlefields of old