1. Tillandsia

From the mist
The aerophyte drinks
Trichomes gathering strength
For a single monocarpic triumph

Angiosperm Bromeliaceae
Anchored in the sky
Behind swirling clouds

A Gothic fortress of moss
From its lichen parapets beat
Leathery minion wings
By blind eyes they fly
On the strength of stormwinds
Tillandsia's legacy they carry

Allied to oak
In cypress it confides
Within its mossy bastions
Aside arachnid swarms
Ophidian phalanx awaits
Impregnable fortress

2. Senecio

Adventitious roots
From its stems elongate
Digging deeper, taking hold

Provenances random grip in depth
Through the soil below
Profoundly to the underworld
Anchoring the spread of the flowering mass above

The mass
Symbolic of the growing green
The green that will overtake the world

Spherical leaves overflowing
Wave upon wave of stringed beads
Jewels of wintry white
In wafting cascades

3. Tradescantia Pallida

Perennial evergreen
Scrambling spiderwort
Elongated leaves glaucous
Cut to shreds, it rises again
Birthing three-petaled spawn
Spreading, running invasive
Rampant holy plague
Erasing all sign of civilization
Covering its traces
Filtering out the vileness
Their impurities from the air