1. Biomass

Among the conifers
Pines, oaks, and hemlock
Winding amidst rivers braiding
In Cascadian realms

Abounds the biomass
Greatest of all lands

Mired in calamity
Both natural and invasive
As fires burn anew
And cutting slays for all time

Within the domains of red crown
Ancient monarchs of age untold
Dwell amongst the fog
In this verdant realm

Tectonic plates shift
Deep in waters
Near the shore
They break

Old growth dominance
Ancient forest majestic
Cut down to a pathetic trace
By the hand of man

From death
It shall rise

2. Alluvial

The flood descends
Once in thirty years
To the bottom of the valley
Where alluvium dwells

The falling rain
The tracks it makes
Reform the earth
In delicate fans

Carried by the rushing water
Coming to rest as the torrent slows
Leaves behind its sediment
In alluvial soil

The blood of flora and fauna
Stains the soil red like clay

3. Harvestman

Opilione horde
From under rotting wood
Turret eyes watching

Pedipalps grasp and tear
Omnivorous insect shepherds

Translucid secretions
In daylight resplendent
Aposematic warning

Feigning death in the face of death

4. Sphagnum

Chlorophyllose cells
Retain the water of life
In benevolence, spreading
Feeding the coastal forest
Sinking deep below
Forming mires

From the ovum archegonia
Tetrahedral haploid spores
By meiosis emerge

Vortex ring
Now thalloid
Exploding black

Operculum discharge
Gives birth to life
Branched gametophyte
In fields of glass

5. Disturbance

Fire rages through the woods
Consuming all in its path
Infernal benevolence
Burning away the weak
The soil now fertile
For the evergreen to rise

The tale that the scars tell
Read from tree rings wise
Of fire that cursed the land

The flames that maim and kill
The world of humanity
Intrinsic to the survival
Of the domain of the red crown

Ever alive, flourishing eternal
Flames give rise
Sequoia Sempervirens

6. Acclimation

In absence of rain
When the earth shrivels and cracks
When the plants brown and dry
And the rivers slow to a crawl

A savior emerges
From the fog
It brings life
On ethereal wings
In the mist regeneration
Passed on to all living things

Through drought and heat
Evergreen monarch
Raises water to the clouds
Back to the earth it falls
Feeding the streams
Nourishing the ferns
Enabling all to live

7. Abiotic

In the domain of the red crown
The Apollo of the snow shall fly no more

Flittering in sunlit valleys
Amongst the streams
On bleeding heart it made its throne

The heart bled
Bled to death
Now its wings closed forevermore
Its essence returned to the great cycle
The Chlorophyllic Continuum

In the land of the dead
Reassimilated amongst the collective
Now dormant, awaiting the great passing
The onset of the Budding Dawn

At mankind's end
The dead shall take new form
As new, radiant beings
Wings again unfurl

An ecosystem damaged
By those without one of their own
Destruction, consumption
The path of doom is laid

Abiotic as the wind, the rain, the rocks may be
The most lifeless is that living humanity

8. Red Crown

From the forest floor
Azalea gazes up and smiles
to the trees above
Up to the height of the canopy
And the glory of the red crown

Auxin coursing through regal veins
Sempervirens mighty grows

From highest peaks arboreal
Sequoia watches over its realm
Gifting it life, from the fog it draws
Near the coast
A kingdom in the mist

From the boughs drops fall
Down to the earth
Feeding the understory

Red crowned monarch reigning tall
A Throne in mist in Cascadia

Within its boughs
Upon its leaves
Sunlight rains down
Through the branches
And reaches ground

Red crowned monarch reigning tall
In domains of Cascadia

Flora and fauna
High in the air
Live in cities of soil

WIth balance ruling