1. Stargazer

Facing the firmament
Heaven scent
Rapid growth
Within solar rays resplendent

Hybrid liliae
Dramatic crescence beatific
In purest white and red enrobed
Gazing towards the stars

2. Callistemon

Callistemon's thirst must be quenched
Legion thirty-four strong
Come the vernal equinox
Burst forth

Coaxed by flame
Seed capsules explode
From within smoldering stamens
As pollinated filaments turn to ash

Teeming with hepialid larvae
Its bark writhes with life
Burrowed deep within
To later take flight

3. Cinnamomum Parthenoxylon

Evergreen virgin wood
Martaban camphor
Ashlike bark
Saffrol laurel

Oval-pointed green clusters
At the hilt of blackened drupes

(M)(yriad) Selasian flowers fall upon the corpses of the dead
(D)(eep) Entactogenic safrole ecstacy
(M)(arking) Heightened euphoria of their passing to the netherworld
(A)(cquittal) of human blight

4. Gleditsia

Locust tree
As a zygomorphic mirror
To the face of the hated
Bilateral yoke

Clustered thorns
Turning red with age
Growing from its face as jagged warnings
Protectors of the treasure within
Vernal flowers redolent

5. Rhizophora

Viviparous seeds
Hermaphrodite propagule
Living tree
In brackish water thrive
Red mangrove
At waters' junction
Flowing to the sea

6. Dianthus

From sandy desert to arctic plain
Flowering Carophyllaceae
Godlike carnation

Glaucous greyish leaves
Flowers five cyme strong

7. Leucadendron Argenteum

The light shimmers off velvet leaves
Silver-sheened guardian beacons
Floral constellation glimmering majestic
Argent protea

Globose inriflorescences carried by the wind
Silken veils perfume the air

Like the fiercest fire
Leucadendron's life burns fast
From the flames of purification it rises anew
To shine on once again

8. Pteridophyte

Binding the soil
Seedless cryptogram
Devoid of flowers
Via spores it disperses
Genders entwined
As antherida and archegonia converge

9. Wisteria

Climb high
Stems twine
Grow wide
Pinnate leaflets
Jasmine scent
Behemoth trunk
Immense strength

10. Erythronium

Pendant stamens
Bulbous teeth
Daggers pointed down
Perennial plant
Nascent in Spring
In forests of the North
And meadows eternal
Nascent in Spring
In forests of the North

11. ...Gazing...