1. The Shape of He to Come

It runs across the soil 
And through the branches of the trees 
O'er the canopies upon the hills 
And into the depths of the sea 

It can be seen in the paths of birds 
And in the rising of the waters 

The shape of he to come 

It can be felt in the air 
And heard in the growing silence 

A murmur of he who is to come 
The messiah of the end 
Figurehead of the apocalypse 
And herald of the Budding Dawn 

Out of a race doomed 
Nature chooses its hero 
Flesh and flora unite 

A champion from the damned 
For he is the avatar 
The last remnant of man 
The final vestige of a race turned to dust 

Flora grows from flesh 
As humanity falls away 
Symbolic of armageddon's rise 
The shape of he to come 

The shape of he to come

2. The Reconciliation of Nature and Man

Glory be to Flora, the divine 
Embodiment of the unseen 
That which makes what is 
That which balances all 
All that represents 
The truest knowable god 

Hail thee 
True one 

Modern Man the oppressor 
He who tests the balance 
He who pushes it to break apart 
He who shall be wiped away 

Nature and Man reconciled 
As the latter falls to dust 
Balance restored by forces primordial 
Fathomless to mortal comprehension 
Herald the coming of the Verdant Messiah 

The false, the self-made gods will fall 
Into an abyss of their creation 
The time of surfeit is coming 
An upheaval of wrath approaches 

When the land ceases to be pillaged 
The earth misused and perverted 
Resources devoured without sense 
Only then shall Nature and Man be reconciled 
Perhaps in death, perhaps in life 
Perhaps as a font for a flower to grow 
Man will be instrumental in what is to come 
When flora reconquers the earth 

Can the oppressors change their view 
And exalt something bigger than themselves 
Can the tide be turned before nature exacts revenge 

Will Mankind consume itself into oblivion 
Trampling what keeps it alive 
Spitting on its gift 
What has been granted shall be taken away 
As the Earth marshals its forces 

Only when Humanity’s blight is at an end 
Shall the Deer lie down beside Man 
And the verdant again can grow 

Only when Humanity can see its place 
Its true role in the grand scheme 
Can armageddon be averted

3. And the Earth Throws off Its Oppressors

Cause and reaction 
They would not listen 
They continued their path of destruction 
Unheeding the signs 
Stumbling ahead selfishly 
See how they are wiped away

4. Praise Azalea, the Adversary

Praise thee, Azalea 
Unquenchable conqueror 
Reclaimer of verdant rule 
God of upheaval 
The upheaval of Nature over all 

Hail thee, Azalea 
Great adversary 
Opposing the path of doom 
Countering the human folly 
The folly of self-destruction 

I exalt thee, Azalea 
Procreator of the messiah 
He who shall mark the floral apocalypse 
The guiding light to glory 
The eternal glory of the Verdant Realm

5. Upon Veltheim's Throne Shall I Wait

Here, upon my living throne of Veltheimia 
My cathedra of emerald and red 
I await the time of the great passing 
(Into which the world shall be led) 

The end of the era of the slow death 
Into an infinite time of glory 
Closing the age of waste 
The earth draws new breath 

Surrounded by my future kin, I wait 
My floral brethren sole companions 
And the fauna with which they live 
Symbiotically they thrive 

Guided by voices am I 
The words of master Azalea 
Directing my purpose 
For the glory of the Budding Dawn 

I am promised a place amongst them 
An equal in the continuum of chlorophyll 
Conscious yet drifting 
All of one mind 
Each with his own role 
Each with his perfect place 
Existing blissfully 
In an endless cycle of reincarnation 

Reborn forever as one of the Verdant Realm 
Drifting glacially in Nature’s utopia 
I am to be granted a place in the vegetal horde 
In a perfect balance 
Living, dying, and falling to the earth 
To rise anew 

War and hate curse them all 
Death by their own hands 
Nature revolts 
Tides shall rise 
All shall be wiped away 

Watch them die from my throne 
Alone I sit as their world ends 

The suffering shall end 
When the oppressors come to pass 
I shall watch them crawl to their doom 
From my haven of green 
Where fauna is my kin 
From my cathedra of emerald and red 
Surrounded by floral brethren 
Upon Veltheim’s throne 
Shall I wait

6. To Join the Continuum

I am meant to outlast them all 
The tyrants of the slow death 
I shall be the last trace 
Of their doomed race 

For my labor I am to join them, rewarded 
Within the continuum, eternal 
To become one of the myriad, immortal 
To join consciousness in endless bliss