1. Quoth Azalea, the Demon (Rhododendoom II)

"Disperse my seed that my minions may gather.
Beneath sylvan umbrage my own shadow will grow."

So rose and spoke the stygian flora

"You shall be the prophet of my upheaval.
You shall be my sword."

"Await the time of Sagittarius to unsheath your spade.
By your hand, terminal clusters propagate.
From your ardor shall bloom my doom."

"From the soil my reign shall grow.
From your toil my brethren shall rise.
To reclaim the earth shall you serve me
And reap your reward."

"For yours shall be the final effacement of mankind
Not in death shall you end,
But in transmuted life eternal.
Incorporated into the Chlorophyllic Continuum
Shall you live on evermore."

I am yours, pentatheric master
Your germination is my task
May your red plantae legions
Sow the seed of the Budding Dawn

Tearing down the human presence
Uprooting their destructive ways
Your dominion will I engineer

May flora again reign supreme

2. Deathcap

Mighty oak symbiosis
Rooted in soil
Remnant volva in ruptured veil

Transparent spores globular
Leaving morbid prints of white
Amanita phalloides
Wear the crown of doom

Sickly greenish hue
Epigeous imposing

Edible trap
Thinly veiled in white
Treacle aroma ensnares

Fungus phalloides
Sordide virescens
Et patulus

Snowcrest gills
Alabaster stipe
Speckle the earth
Beckoning consumption

Amanita phalloides
Eukaryotic slayer
Grinding cells to a halt
Hemlock's minion
Wear the crown of doom

3. Ganoderma Lucidum

In churning cauldron imbibe
Pulverized acrid salvation
To drink immortality
While the others wither and die

Coumerin anticoagulation
Blood runs free
From mana mystic

Never grow old

Polyphoric guardian
Bitterness is my salvation
Mycelian hyphae thrombocyte
Live on
Live on

May I live for ever
And ever more
My flesh sustained
By the fungus Ganoderma
Lucidum immortal
While the others wither and die

4. Vriesea








5. Ocimum Sanctum

Ocimum Sanctum
Holy lamiaceae
O, tenuiflorum
Holy lamiaceae

Of an ancient world
Oleanolic refugee

O, tenuiflorum
Ocimum Sanctum

Linalool ambrosia
Blessed terpene scent
Wafts astringent amidst the Veltheim throne

Ocimum Sanctum
Holy lamiaceae
Incomparable one
Extirpate my sins
As I will cleanse the world of theirs
Watching them suffer
Writhing acetic in acid glacial

About me, leaves of sanctuary
In a circle strewn mystic
Death's bane blessed
Aegis to disease

Eugenol constituent
Agony bound fast
Gluttonous consumption
Longevity for Azalea's will

6. Amanita Virosa

Destroying angel
Capped in red
Stipate fungoid
From its spores mankind it stalks

Vengeful seraph
In woodlands deep idling
Mishap awaiting
Amanita Virosa

White-gilled death
Basiodiomycete scythe
Renal destruction
Amanitin doom

7. Panax

Adaptogenic endocrine hormone
Cytokine transferred allostasis
All-heal Panacea

Adrenal axis
Hormonal balance regulated
Neuroendocrine trinity
In harmonia hypothalamus
Cytokine allostasis
All-heal Panacea

All heal Panax...
All heal Panax...

Surfeit epistaxis
Crimson stream
Choking coagulation
Gorge on nostrum Araliaceae
Open the floodgates of red

Triterpine saponin
Phagocytosis augmented

Interferens amass
In flagellum opposition
Pathogen deletion
Macrophagic satiety


CULT OF LINNAEUS - The War of All Against All
(lyrics by Alex Lindo)

Denying hood of priests stands the learned man
In ceremonial skins of Lappish rites
Ingest the holy flesh
Beat the drum of ancients

Tribes of the north
Wisdom of God
Let the visions come
The seer presides over
In shamanistic sight
Birthing future orders
Scouring the kingdom
Quest of sacred knowledge
So the names are given
Inscribed upon the world

Awake the sage in flame of the family lamiacaeae
Instate his reign – binomial taxonomy
Von Linne enthroned eternally

By thine order may we know the flowers of the butcher's block
And by knowing the war of all against all
May ye know God

Stamens, pistils
Recall organs of lust
Repulse foolish masses
The foe bestowed unto the weeds

In the hooks of every burr
And the seeds that fall in cracks of rocks
And germinate to shatter the earth
There is His order shown, now know the Lord

As the tendrils choke the garden
And as the orchard’s ripest fruit
Is devoured by beasts and life springs from their dung
So may we know the kingdom

By thine order may we know the flowers of the butcher's block
And by knowing the war of all against all
May ye know God

(lyrics by Amalgamoth)

From the kingdom of the fungi comes this evil spore
Dwelling in the Amazon it lives forever more
Endoparasitical, as it invades its host
And like a sly assassin, causing terror like a ghost
A particular and most aggressive evil variant

The Unilateralis Cordyceps is not a friend
Spores that are inhaled advance towards a certain kill
It causes ants to zombify and let them do its will
Crawling in disorientation victims of this skulk
Their non-vital soft tissues being eaten by the bulk

Time comes, the mycelia network readies its parade
It soon enters the brain and then it seals its ugly fate
Climbing up a stem like a convict the guillotine
The mycelia gets the ant where it wants to be seen
And when it causes mandibles to anchor at the top
The cordiceps will burst the skull - to harvest and to crop

And finally the killer spore is breeding for a while
A matter of some days and then it will proceed in style
The fruiting bodies, sporocarps, appear and rupture, then
The spores spread forth their plague and soon contaminate again!

From the kingdom of the fungi comes this evil spore
Dwelling in the Amazon it lives forever more
Endoparasitical, as it invades its host
And like a sly assassin, causing terror like a ghost

ARBORIST - Total Entarchy
(lyrics by Jack Shirley)

Across the whistling winds
Comes the stalwart voice;
The ghost we knew so well.
And with a swiftness,
And with the fury,
Comes the fate we'll live to tell.

John Chapman calls to the living,
To the arms of the unforgiving.
As cold as stone, 
And bare as bone.
As the furnace roars,
We go, we go, we go to war.

Now the storm winds blow,
As the dark clouds creep.
And comes the fire
For our black souls to steep.

Now with electric eyes
We plot our course.
Fueled by fire,
We charge with force.
No mercy to follow,
Just a settled score.
As the furnace roars,
We go to war...

LOTUS THIEF - Nymphaea Carulea
(lyrics by Beth Gladding)

We were driven by the wind

Little blue flower isn't what it seems.
Stay here forever in your dreams.
No disappointment, no pain to feel.
It isn't real.

We were driven by the wind.

BESTIARY - It Lives Again
(lyrics by Bastiaan de Vries)

Heracleum Mantegazzianum
This royal beast
Destroyer of great cities in revenge
Dead and forgotten by the world
Now planted again
Taking mutated root
in the great gardens
of the Botanist
Awaiting his word
To strike out in anger
Threaten the human race,
Besiege their precious cities
Lay waste to their flesh and blood
With giant hogweed hairs.

"Blind their eyes
Disrupt the nucleus
Lay waste to flesh and blood

You royal beast
Destroyer of great cities in revenge
You are my warriors now,
And my word is anger."